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Lee Auto Malls – ME

A Trustworthy Name

Big Shine Energy - Lee Auto Malls

LeeCars is a division of the Lee Auto Malls enterprise with locations throughout Maine brightly lit by Big Shine LEDs.

Lee Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Westbrook is part of the Lee Auto Malls family of automotive dealerships, which has served customers throughout Maine since 1936.

With the understanding that earning their customers’ trust and respect is a daily goal, Lee Auto Malls has become Maine’s No. 1 volume auto dealer. Having a strong philosophy of giving back to the community, one area of focus in their philanthropic support is the environment and conservation. They want to make a difference in their corner of the world. At Big Shine Energy, we love helping businesses like Lee Auto Malls achieve their goals.

Just as they earn their customers’ trust, Big Shine Energy earned the trust of Lee Auto Malls’ President, Donald Lee. Understandably, he wanted to be certain that using Big Shine Energy LEDs and not another company was the right decision. Explaining each aspect of our Turnkey Solution process, we answered every question from Mr. Lee and his team. After understanding their goals and concerns, we manufactured the lights with customized wattages and beam angles to properly light all outdoor areas of the dealership.

New Streamlined Lighting

The location formerly housed 1000W metal halides throughout their expansive parking lots. With poles that had been standing for decades and wiring that had been configured and reconfigured over the years, the lighting layout was outdated and inefficient.

Our Polaris Ultra in 300W gives the parking lot a brighter and more modern look. The Polaris Ultra has a housing design that creates a streamlined light display. A unique control system was installed on each pole, syncing to authorized smartphones, tablets and computers. The system would allow any authorized personnel to control each fixture individually or within a bank of lights. They could be turned on or off, dimmed and timed from the simple touch of a button.

Building perimeters were also brightened using our Alioth Ultra wall packs that use only 60 watts. The entire lighting upgrade promotes safety and security throughout the night without sacrificing energy efficiency.

A Global Contribution

Lee Auto Malls is upholding its reputation as a shining example of a good corporate citizen by using LED lighting that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are now participating in the movement toward Approaching Zero carbon emissions along with Big Shine Energy. Now, they’re not only making a difference in their corner of the world, but also contributing globally to a brighter future.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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