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LED Lighting Case Study |

King O’Rourke Auto Group – NY

King O’Rourke Becomes King of Efficiency

It takes hard work and professionalism to build a reputation for customer satisfaction. With that ethic, the team at King O’Rourke Auto Group has been cultivating an award-winning brand for 35 years. As the largest Cadillac, Buick & GMC Dealer in Long Island, King O’Rourke was aware of the importance of energy efficiency.

By using LED corn bulbs in their parking lots they were saving energy, but their lots were still dark. Big Shine Energy was able to provide a bright solution.

Easier Isn’t Always Better

In any parking lot, lighting is key in promoting safety and deterring theft. The owners at King O’Rourke tried using LED screw-in corn bulbs atop their parking lot poles, but the light output was simply too weak. While other lighting companies were suggesting a retrofit over the existing fixtures, our Big Shine Energy consultant proposed the Polaris 300w fixtures for their pole heads. Although retrofitting may have been simple, it would have led to the same problem as the corn bulbs: not enough light. By installing a new fixture, the light output could be customized to give their parking lot the brightness level needed to create a safer environment.

Additionally, the building’s exterior walls have a unique finish with a diamond-like shimmer. With the previous lighting, that shimmer was unnoticeable. After seeing how great the lights turned out in the parking lot, King O’Rourke approved a second phase that would illuminate the building. They opted to install more Polaris lights as well as upgrade the wall lights to Big Shine Energy’s Sidekicks in 240w and 120w. The glamorous finish on the exterior walls could finally make its debut.

After the success of the exterior lighting upgrade, King O’Rourke decided to upgrade their interior lighting as well. Big Shine Energy’s installers were able to do a complete interior installation of LED panels in a single day.

Good Deeds Don’t Go Unnoticed… and Neither Does Good Lighting

At King O’Rourke, their goal is to satisfy their customers in any way possible. They aim to make people happy. At Big Shine Energy, we’re proud to have helped a respectable company in achieving energy savings and a better quality of life for their employees and customers. Now, King O’Rourke is participating in the movement to Approaching Zero carbon emissions along with Big Shine Energy.

Big Shine Energy - King O'Rourke Auto Group

Sean King, Dealer Principal at King O’Rourke Auto Group, poses with Big Shine Energy green certificate.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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