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LED Lighting Case Study |

Kawasaki Rail Car – NY

Over 100 Years of Enrichment

Kawasaki is famously known in the United States for their fast motorcycles and their amazing competitive Motocross racing team, Team Green. Motorcycles aren’t their only area of expertise. Established in 1896, they have 120 years of innovation, achievement and progress in their portfolio. Specifically, Kawasaki Rail Car has manufactured rail stock for over 100 years, leaving their mark on history. Committed to delivering rolling stock that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, Kawasaki Rail Car has become vital to Transit Agencies and people’s daily lives. Although Kawasaki is a powerhouse of diversity when it comes to industry, they remain committed to their goal of enriching the lives of people around the world.

Continuing a Commitment to Efficiency

In need of a lighting upgrade at their New York facility, Production Engineering Manager, Nehru Satahoo was able to help facilitate a major change. Using a variety of fixtures like metal halides, high-pressure sodium and 6-lamp T5’s, the facility was operating under a colorful spill of dim and potentially unsafe light. Instead of continuing their use of traditional lighting, Satahoo brought in a Big Shine Energy consultant to assist with the complete redesign of their interior lighting scheme using LED technology.

Our consultant suggested standardizing the fixtures based on ceiling height and using a wide beam angle to get rid of shadowing. The existing fixtures were using up to about 450w each. Our Probe Ultra would reduce the wattage to a consistent 130w. Not only would the new fixtures bring a bright, consistent color to the facility’s interior, it would reduce the energy use by 112,931 kWh per year. Their new lighting scheme will bring significant savings on energy and maintenance, naturally allowing them to continue their commitment to energy efficiency.


Impressive Results

At the time of installation, it was important for the process to go quickly and smoothly. Fortunately, Kawasaki’s motorcycles and our installers have something in common, both are known for their speed. We made sure to accommodate the needs of our client so as not to disturb normal operations. Seeing the final results, all personnel at Kawasaki were impressed and grateful for the new lighting design. We are proud to partner with a distinguished industry leader. Take a look at how much their project is positively impacting the environment. Get in touch with us and find out what Big Shine Energy LED lighting can do for your company.




Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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