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The Challenge

As the largest ice hockey rink in the tri-state area, Ice House has become renowned as the best ice rink for all levels of hockey and figure skating. A place for family fun as well as professional coaching, Ice House NJ is one of the busiest facilities. Owner Robert Bakos, actively seeks ways to conserve, taking pride in knowing that his facility is energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

Aware of the high energy consumption of traditional lighting sources, Mr. Bakos had long planned a lighting overhaul for his facility. Ice House was using four-lamp T5 fixtures. These fixtures created a gloomy atmosphere that didn’t contribute to the healthy training happening beneath them. The banners displayed proudly on the arena walls were supposed to look vibrant and exciting. Instead, the lighting made their colors blend, looking dull and bland. Noticeably, the facility was in great condition, all except for its lighting. In order for Ice House to shine bright, it needed the right LED solution.

The Right Solution

For about a year, Mr. Bakos had been searching for the right lighting company to install energy efficient lighting at a cost worth the investment. By the time our consultant connected with Mr. Bakos, the Ice House owner was understandably frustrated. Fortunately, Big Shine was able to offer a solution that addressed each of his concerns.

IES requirements for hockey and figure skating are different. The challenge was establishing the right balance and neutrality that would satisfy both genres of activity. A photometric design was created in order to establish a clear map of lighting levels.

The 150-watt Satellite HD and 2×4 LED Panels were used to achieve the foot-candle requirements for hockey and figure skating.

Brilliant Results

When asked about his overall experience, Mr. Bakos stated, “I really trusted the team at Big Shine Energy. They didn’t just try to sell me lights. They were the only ones who listened to my concerns. I needed to save energy, but I couldn’t sacrifice quality lighting. I had specific requirements and after a year of looking for the right company, I finally got my facility the lighting it deserves. My Energy Consultant explained the technology and really helped me understand that the ROI was worth the up front cost of these fixtures”.

The goal at Big Shine Energy is to educate our customers and provide a turnkey solution. Mr. Bakos added, “Other companies said the install was going to take several weeks and Big Shine did four rinks in 1.5 days.” In total, 185 fixtures were installed. Now, Ice House is saving 97,236 kWh each year. That’s an annual savings of $16,668. The team at Big Shine Energy is proud to serve Mr. Bakos in his efforts to make Ice House New Jersey an energy efficient, family-friendly, full service hockey arena.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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