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LED Lighting Case Study |

Glacier Ridge Sports Park – NY

How Sports Facilities Can Save Energy 

As a multi-faceted sports facility, Glacier Ridge Sports Park is a place for family and friends to enjoy high-energy recreation. It’s the official practice facility of the Rochester Lancers, part of the National Premier Soccer League. Having a high-level soccer team requires a certain standard of lighting. Glacier Ridge needed a lighting upgrade to improve the overall experience of the players and patrons.  

The sports park’s owner, Doug Miller, had been searching for a company that could provide a product bright enough to light the entire soccer dome. There were areas of the indoor field that were still dark, making it a bit difficult for the players. Having a fixture bright enough to light the facility from wall to wall was beginning to seem impossible. Many companies promised to deliver a fixture that could live up to the expectations of Mr. Miller, however, none of them could produce enough light.  

Our consultant installed a demo of the Big Shine LED High Mast. Before the sample went up, the foot candles around the sidelines of the field were only at 8. After being able to tell the difference with only one lighting sample, Mr. Miller began his plans to install the fixture throughout the dome. Our consultant created a photometric layout of the lighting in order to calculate each beam spread to evenly light the field and sidelines. The facility went from high wattage Metal Halide High Bays to low 300w and 600w modern, LED fixtures. After creating a design that Mr. Miller was satisfied with, plans for improvement continued with the exterior lighting.

Paying Attention to Exterior Lighting

The parking lot was dark in many areas and Mr. Miller really wanted to create a safer, more comfortable environment for his customers. Using photometric analysis once again, our consultant and Big Shine Energy photometric design team were able to determine the best solution for the exterior lighting. Replacing traditional high-pressure sodium bulbs with our Sagitta 150w parking lot lights would bring the exterior lighting to a brighter, clearer quality of light.  

Successful Savings

After providing better lighting for the comfort and safety of the customers, the second concern was overhead savings. The facility lighting was using way too much energy which was causing the electricity costs to skyrocket. Many times, the most expensive utility of a facility is its lighting cost. That’s why switching to LED lighting is a smart way for business owners to save energy, cut down on maintenance costs, and improve the overall aesthetic of their buildings.   

Now the Glacier Ridge Sports Park patrons can enjoy their indoor recreational experience even more as well as feel safer after a night of fun. Congratulations to Mr. Miller and Glacier Ridge on their new lighting! 

Check out just how much this LED project is benefitting the environment and just how much Glacier Ridge Sports Park is saving on overhead and energy! Join us and Mr. Miller among hundreds of companies doing their part in saving energy and participating in our movement toward Approaching Zero carbon emissions. Call us today for a full energy audit of your facility.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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