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LED Lighting Case Study |

Gabriel’s Supermarket – NY

A Great Place to Shop

We all love our neighborhood market. Gabriel’s Supermarket is a beloved neighborhood market that has seen great success since it’s establishment in 1956. Gabriel’s is especially known for their excellent quality of meats and produce, a reputation not easily achieved in today’s market. Owner, Jeffrey Gabriele, has worked hard to maintain a positive name for the supermarket brand. He also works hard to use sustainable resources that can improve the environment.

Gabriel’s Supermarket is Going with LED

Before switching to LED, Gabriel’s customers shopped under dim lighting. With meat displays not being properly lit, shoppers couldn’t see the true freshness and quality of the meat itself. Being known for their meat, the lighting simply wasn’t helping to uphold a reputation for freshness. It was time to make a change. Mr. Gabriele decided to go with a full upgrade to LED.

After switching to LED lighting from Big Shine Energy, Gabriel’s gained a new level of freshness. LED produces high CRI full spectrum lighting that approves the appearance of objects where red colors are prominent. Since presentation and appearance is critical in supermarkets, high CRI LED lighting is a crucial element. Every lamp at Gabriel’s was upgraded to LED. The main floor and aisles now house our T8 tubes that use only 13 watts each. The deli and meat department is beautifully lit by our Lyra downlight. Even the refrigerator cases, open and enclosed, are lit with energy efficient LED. Our tri-proof linear luminaire, the Arcelia operates in temperatures as low as -4 degrees making them perfect for Gabriel’s Supermarket’s large freezers.

Using LED lighting is energy efficient and requires little to no maintenance. At a place like Gabriel’s Market, using environmentally friendly materials is also important. Customers can feel even more proud that their neighborhood market is really giving back to the community in a heroic way. Check out how Gabriel’s is helping the environment below. Browse through more case studies or get in touch with us to learn how we can help your company start helping the environment too.

Big Shine Energy - Gabriel's Supermarket

Owner Jeffrey Gabriele received a green certificate acknowledging his commitment to reduce carbon emissions by using a sustainable lighting source.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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