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LED Lighting Case Study |

Fairfield Tennis – CT

Customer Satisfaction 

Players of all ages receive world-class training from tennis professionals at Fairfield Tennis. During the colder months, tennis players rely on indoor tennis facilities to provide quality equipment, including quality lighting. It’s important for the lighting levels to feel as close to natural daylight as possible. Too much glare and uneven lighting can result in eye discomfort and training disruption. Jeff Gocke, the owner of Fairfield Tennis cares about customer satisfaction and listened to his clients and staff throughout the process of the facility’s lighting upgrade.  

To demonstrate how to improve the lighting on the courts, our Big Shine Energy lighting specialist lit up one court with samples of the proposed fixtures. The goal was to create even lighting and increase visibility for the players using the Big Shine LED 300W TK1 high bay with the 60-degree beam angle. Players tested out the lighting and gave feedback on their level of comfort. They didn’t feel that it was too bright and expressed how much easier they could see the ball. For some, these details may seem small, but for tennis players, lighting makes all the difference.

Improving Light Quality on the Courts 

Previously, the facility had 500W, 600W, and 700W induction lights. The beam spread was so narrow that the brightest lit areas were directly under the fixtures, which wasn’t beneficial at all for the players. After the TK1 sample was installed, Gocke continuously received requests from customers to install the same fixtures throughout the rest of the courts

“After you took back your samples, everyone was dying to have them back. They kept asking me to install your lights throughout the facility,” Gocke explained.

Big Shine LED lighting samples.

Sample lighting installed on right is a stark difference from the original lighting.

Gocke knew about energy savings solutions, having already installed solar panels at the facility, so he wasn’t especially seeking personal gain from overhead savings through energy efficiency. His main concern was his customers. At Big Shine Energy, our priority is in customer satisfaction as well. We’re here to help our customers get exactly the solutions they’re looking for. Our turnkey solution is our promise of excellence to our customers. From start to finish, we listen and provide timely service and installation. Even after the installation, our after-service team continues customer support, so business owners, like Gocke, can be confident in their investment.

Energy and Overhead Savings 

Now, Fairfield Tennis is saving more than $8,000 annually and will save more than $40,000 over the next 5 years. We’re proud to work together with Gocke in serving Connecticut athletes. See how much their lighting project is benefitting the environment by checking out the stats below. And call us to find out how your company can start saving on overhead by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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