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LED Lighting Case Study |

Danbury Sports Dome – CT

As the largest domed multi-sport facility on the East Coast, Danbury Sports Dome has a reputation for preserving high standards in both safety and service. They recently upgraded their turf. Driven by conscientious choices, the dome is committed to inspiring respect for natural resources and seeks the most environmentally beneficial options for their facility. Switching to LED lighting was a decision long in the making. It was thought necessary but perhaps cost prohibitive going into their third season. Making the next move on a lighting upgrade would have to be a tactful decision. At one point, the owners compared the LED lighting fixtures of five different companies thought most compatible for the 93ft high dome – with Big Shine coming out on top of the competition.

“Basically, when we compared apples to apples, there was no comparison” said Frank Mariano, one of the managing directors of the Danbury Sports Dome when asked why they chose Big Shine Energy. Replacing more than 165 high bay fixtures with the 300W Satellite HD from Big Shine LED created significant savings. Frank noted a 30% price reduction in just the first 10 days after the installation.

Cost had previously been a factor for concern, considering strategic budgets in the domes’ early season. Big Shine Energy worked from start to completion with Eversource Energy to ensure everything was in place for incentive approval. Big Shine Energy also assisted with finding the best financing option for the remainder of the project cost.

Frank was especially pleased with the relationship that formed along the way. “…we know some things about service and sales people. The people at Big Shine were responsive to our questions and to our needs, yet they weren’t overbearing, they weren’t constantly trying to come in and get us to sign the order, they wanted to make sure that we were happy so that we could have a good, successful project.”

By making the switch, Danbury Sports Dome is now saving over 283,000 kWh per year and participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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