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Burbank Ice Arena – MA

Maintaining a Happy Family Environment

Ice skating is a favorite pastime for many families. The cold indoor arenas seem warm after a few laps around the smooth icy rinks. At Burbank Ice Arena, families gather for quality fun. Kids and adults learn to skate, building their confidence on the ice. Ed Peduto, the General Manager is focused on maintaining a safe and happy environment for patrons of Burbank Ice Arena. Big Shine LED lighting is playing a part in keeping that commitment.

The 2017 NEISMA Tradeshow created an opportunity for Mr. Peduto to be introduced to Big Shine Energy. Expressing his concerns, we learned that his arena was currently housing T12 and T5 fluorescent tubes. Instead of being able to focus on preparing and maintaining the ice, he was spending a considerable amount of time and overhead on maintaining the lights. Traditional arena lighting, such as fluorescent tubes, high-pressure sodium bulbs or metal halides can become more costly than convenient. Although it can play a complex role, lighting should be simple to operate and maintain. Our Big Shine Energy Consultant was prepared to provide a unique lighting solution that would offer brilliant results.



Keeping It Simple

Over the ice, we installed our Big Shine LED T5 tubes at a 5000k color temperature. This gave a bright, clean look to the rink. The flicker-free light is also much more comfortable for skaters. Over the bleachers, the Arcelia 40W fixture at a 5500k color temperature provides full coverage lighting for spectators and skaters. The time that would have been spent on maintenance can now be spent on more important matters concerning the operation of the rink. Our T5 and 4ft T8 tubes are now lighting areas of the rink that are behind the scenes, such as the offices and showers. The Arcelia also lights the Zamboni and maintenance areas.

Brilliant Results

Now, Mr. Peduto will see an annual savings of $9,605.97 for the arena. This is made possible by sustainable LED lighting that is also saving 61,471 kWh. The Burbank Ice Arena will be doing great things for the environment as well. Take a look at the info graphics below. We’re proud to work with the Burbank Ice Arena and Mr. Peduto on their lighting upgrade. Let us show you how your company can save energy, save on maintenance costs and save the environment. Contact us to schedule an energy audit or to find out about our Turnkey Solution service.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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