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LED Lighting Case Study |

BEPeterson – MA

Leading an Industry

Setting the standard for custom metal fabrications of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment since 1935, BEPeterson specializes in pressure vessel fabrication and design. Their facility is one of the largest in the Northeast. Both a high volume contract manufacturer and custom metal fabricator, BEPeterson supplies consistent high quality products to their customers. Big Shine Energy was excited to partner with such a strong industry leader in metal fabrication.

Staying Up to Date

At their 90,000 sq ft facility in Avon, Massachusetts, they were utilizing mostly fluorescent lighting. In some areas hung high bays that were too high to give off proper light. Our Big Shine Energy consultant was ready to provide a practical lighting solution through our photometric analysis.

In some areas, high bays were hung at 40 feet, which made them difficult to access for maintenance. We proposed our Satellite HD high bay in 300W and Oriya linear high bay in 150W. This would provide an even scale of light, brightening work areas and encouraging productivity.

Making the Most of It

Every single light in their facility was upgraded to LED. Including the exterior wall packs, parking lot lights and almost 1700 fluorescent tubes. Aware of the exceptional incentive program in their area, BEPeterson wanted to get the most funding available for their project. National Grid approved rebates for 40% of their lighting upgrade! With 312 fixtures being retrofitted, the incentive offer was worth the legwork. Our energy consultant took care of communication, gathering and filing necessary information with National Grid in order to secure incentives.

Now BEPeterson is saving on energy and maintenance costs with Big Shine Energy LED lighting. The benefits their project is providing for the environment are an even greater bonus. Take a look at our other case studies and connect with us to find out how your company can start saving with Big Shine Energy.

Big Shine Energy - BEPeterson

CEO Terry Moore and CFO Steve Dasaro receive our green certificate on behalf of BEPeterson.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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