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Essential Business Services

If you are an essential business in need of HVAC repairs or
lighting replacement to continue operating,

Big Shine Energy is here to support you!

Big Shine Energy is supporting all essential businesses to continue operating without disruption during this global crisis. Big Shine can provide the following services for existing businesses and new construction being built to support communities in crisis. 


 Troubleshooting, light fixture replacements and retrofits


Repair and replacement

Here are some of the measures our staff members are taking: 

  1. Daily screenings to monitor body temperatures 
  2. Social distancing 
  3. Staff members who are immunodeficient, have been exposed to anyone ill, or have flu-like symptoms, must stay home
  4. All equipment is sanitized twice daily 
  5. Employees are provided with masks, gloves, disposable wipes
  6. Employees and subcontractors have undergone the following trainings:

Big Shine Energy is here to help.

We want to help your business reach maximum efficiency. Contact us today to discuss a solution for your unique facility, or to schedule a FREE lighting and HVAC audit.

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