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Metro Turf Specialists

Savings were a top priority at Metro Turf, an independent distributor in the golf course industry. Previously using 23 high bay lights at 274W each, and six flood lights outdoors at 150 watts each, they were consuming almost 52,000kW per year. Outdoors, six flood lights that lit up the parking lot at 150 watts each were exchanged with a Big Shine Energy LED Lux Matrix flood light at 60W. The new LED flood light and an additional four LED wall packs, only amount to 11,000 kW a year. By making the change not only are they saving 41,000 kW per year but in the next ten years, they will be able to use the $34,300.00 saved for even more upgrades.


Brookfield, CT

Energy Savings

41,000 kWh

Products Used

Alioth Wall Pack

Lux Matrix Flood Light TK1 High Bay



kWh Saved


Tons of Co2
Emissions Removed


Cars Removed from
the Road*


Acres of U.S.
Forests Planted*

*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.