Big Shine Energy’s Upcoming SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference

The Westin Jersey City Newport

An Annual Sustainability Celebration

Big Shine Energy is proud to host the annual SAAZ 2020 Conference | A Perfect View into Sustainability at the Westin in Jersey City New Jersey. SAAZ—or Sustainability Awards #Approachingzero— brings together and recognizes local, national, and international corporations with like-minded goals to help cultivate a more sustainable environment through energy-efficient technology. Big Shine will be awarding top corporations such as Starbucks Coffee, JLL, and Lithia Motors for benefitting our only planet by upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Keynote speakers will take the stage to deliver their sustainable anecdotes and energy experiences from the viewpoint of a corporation. The conference will break out into quadruplicate industry-based sessions tailored for audience members looking to maximize on their sustainability knowledge and receive valuable education. Each session will be hosted by a designated industry expert representing some of the world’s most credible corporations and organizations:

  • Energy-Efficiency Projects & Remaining Cash Flow Positive — Led by Ascentium Capital
  • Sustainability in the Automotive Industry — Led by Lithia Motors
  • Sustainability Cities and the Law — Led by U.S. Green Building Council
  • LED Lighting and the Workplace — Led by Lighting Research Center

#ApproachingZero Emissions

SAAZ is inspired by our #ApproachingZero campaign launched back in 2015. As a global corporation we knew we had to take responsibility and head in a sustainable direction. We decided to launch the campaign to inspire other corporations to jump on the sustainability train towards a carbon neutral future. The goal of SAAZ is to expose difference audiences to impactful narratives, expert insight and real results from respected and valued corporations, big and small.

Being sustainable is not simply a trend or an annual report aggregated from data; it is the way to secure the future of the generations. Sustainability also means a healthy planet suitable enough to comfortably raise our families. As a manufacturer, it is crucial for our company to assure that the quality and details put into our products will benefit not only the end user but the entire world. Big Shine is happy to take on the #ApproachingZero challenge and even more thrilled to tackle our GHG goals alongside other corporations.

Be a Sustainable Hero

Last year, Big Shine hosted SAAZ in Suffern, NY on January 31st and welcomed more than 120 exclusive guests. We celebrated companies such as Nachi, Nestle, and Avis Budget Group for their sustainable contributions and for making an environmental difference. Though the event was filled with representatives from diverse companies in different industries, there was a commonality—the aim to benefit the environment and society with sustainable acts and tangible social responsibility plans.

“I’ve been in the industry for 15 years, and I’ve never seen a contractor get this many customers in one room at one time, and it’s really impressive and I think there’s a lot to say about that…” – Jeremy Scott, O&R Energy Advisor

Participants and awardees were impressed by the environmental impact corporations can make when working together for the purpose of reducing the carbon footprint through LED lighting upgrades.

“We had a lot of questions in the beginning and really through the whole process … but they stood with us and we got all our questions answered and we moved ahead. We’re very grateful for the relationship and finding you guys, so thank you.” – Kevin Dhonau, Nachi Technology, Inc.& SAAZ 2019 awardee

” Through their professionalism and their proposal, we went forward with the job. They did beautiful work, and we’re really pleased, and we’re happy to be a part of their mission in sustainability.” – Tracy Misfud, Avis Budget Group & SAAZ 2019 awardee

Big Shine’s in it to serve the corporate community with the tools and inspiration to help fuel sustainable action and combat climate change. Our company strives to pioneer a movement that encourages participants to broaden their mindset to realize that sustainability is achievable and quantifiable.

Reserve your spot at the SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference today. You don’t want to miss it!

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