Big Shine Energy Sponsors Montclair’s Red Hawk Open to Support Student Athletes

Big Shine Energy Sponsors Montclair's Red Hawk Open to Support Student Athletes

Support for Student Athletes

Big Shine Energy supports Montclair State University (MSU) with more than just lighting. September 17, 2018 marks MSU’s 6th Annual Red Hawk Open. Students, parents, alumni, faculty, and the like come together to show their support for the university’s athletic department. Proceeds from the event benefit 18 varsity athletic programs with more than 500 student athletes. Last year, through the 5th Annual Red Hawk Open, the MSU athletic department was able to acquire state-of-the-art fitness equipment and support team travel for the student athletes.

When Big Shine Energy saw the opportunity to support this year’s Red Hawk Open event, we did not hesitate to sign up. As a Driving Range Sponsor, Big Shine can contribute to MSU in more ways than one. Big Shine Energy believes in supporting academic institutions to ensure that students and student athletes are given opportunities to advance in their academic and athletic careers.

Lighting and Performance

In addition to the sponsorship, Big Shine Energy recently retrofitted Montclair’s pool and basketball arena lighting to energy efficient LEDs using Big Shine LED fixtures. This type of upgrade is important because it fosters a bright and healthy environment for students and athletes to physically perform to their best potential. According to “5 Groups of People to Consider in Sports Lighting,” athletes need a sufficient level of crisp, uniform light with good to excellent color rendering, and low glare output. LED lighting is the perfect solution to help meet those needs so that athletes, faculty members, and the community can have a safe and optimal sports setting. Big Shine Energy experts take into consideration all the variables to ensure that Montclair’s students athletes have efficient lighting conditions in their facilities to train and grow as players. Our company is also planning to upgrade the lighting in MSU’s auxiliary gym.

Switching to LED lighting is helping the university save energy and money so that they can redistribute funds in areas that help the athletic department. Through this sponsorship, we took another step forward to support the overall well-being and success of students.

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