Metro Turf Specialists – CT

Savings were a top priority at Metro Turf, an independent distributor in the golf course industry. Previously using 23 high bay lights at 274W each, and six flood lights outdoors at 150 watts each, they were consuming almost 52,000kW per year. Outdoors, six flood lights that lit up the parking lot at 150 watts each were exchanged with a Big Shine Energy LED Lux Matrix flood light at 60W. The new LED flood light and an additional four LED wall packs, only amount to 11,000 kW a year. By making the change not only are they saving 41,000 kW per year but in the next ten years, they will be able to use the $34,300.00 saved for even more upgrades.

Team EJP – MA

Team EJP has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lighting from Big Shine Energy. Using the 50W LED Panel and 80W Satellite HD from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 318,735 kW/h per year. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $391,982 over a 5-year period. Team EJP is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Environmental Impact 318,735 kW/h SAVED 245 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 44 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 48 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED Before After

ENECON Corporation – NY

World Class Service for World Leaders in Technology The professionals at ENECON Corporation are world leaders in advanced polymer composites technology. They are engineers of high performance polymer systems for rebuilding, resurfacing and protecting all types of fluid flow machinery, equipment and structures. Having worked closely in the past with the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Navy, their caliber of work is reflected in their clientele. However, even the most established of corporations run into lighting issues. The senior management of ENECON Corporation has over 125 years of combined experience in troubleshooting industrial fluid flow problems. Thankfully, Big Shine Energy has close to the same experience in retrofit lighting design and energy conservation. We were prepared to provide them with the lighting solutions they needed. Finding the Solution Not unlike many high-volume operations, ENECON's warehouse had a constant problem with flickering and failing lights. Of course, forcing them to constantly replace their lights, only to have another few fixtures begin the dying process. Our Big Shine Energy Consultants proposed the Oriya 150w, a linear high bay. Equally important at the ENECON facility was the lighting in their kitchen and family area. With a team of dedicated professionals, work can become a home away from home. Lighting is key for productivity. Wanting to maintain a warm and comfortable level of lighting in their common space, our consultants proposed our 4,000 k(kelvin) panels and down lights. Becoming the Solution to Our World's Biggest Problem After a smooth installation, President &

Brakewell Steel – NY

As one of the leading sheet and plate metal fabricators in the Northeast region, Brakewell Steel Fabricators specializes in nearly everything made of metal. Their specialty includes but is not limited to superior capabilities including shearing, CNC Punching, CNC plasma burning, custom brake forming, welding and several others. Some of their most well-known projects include repairs at the George Washington Bridge, perimeter enclosures at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center and stair well treads within the Statue of Liberty in New York City. With such a magnitude of production, illumination levels must be sufficient. Brakewell has been in Chester, NY now almost 40 years, it’s possible to imagine how beneficial reliable lighting could be for such grand scale work. A total of thirty three metal halides were replaced using Big Shine LED’s high bay fixtures. The new lights installed by Big Shine Energy more than tripled the foot candles and now provide a bright and safer environment for their staff. Before After  

Campbell Fire Protection – NY

After an impressive sixty year history of reliability and trustworthy service, Campbell Fire Protection, in Suffern, NY took a leap toward sustainability and improved lighting. With a change of interior lighting, from 268W metal halides to an 80W Big Shine Satellite HD, giving off an impressive 120 lumens per watt, visibility is unmatched. Through this upgrade, Campbell will be reducing their energy usage by 9,003 kW a year. See the difference with these before and after shots.

Lido Designs – CT

Lido Designs is a specialty retailer based out of Brookfield, CT. They specialize in high quality closet products, producing a wide variety of styles and finishes that are suitable for any taste. Their factory space is large, with storage shelves surrounding a center assembly station.  As expected, metal halides were in place, several years old at the time of replacement and many had reduced their light output by 40%. Replacing the old metal halides with 100W Big Shine LED Probe high bays was a night-to-day difference. This change reduced their energy consumption by almost 24,000 kW a year.

Shepard’s Inc. – CT

Shepard’s Inc. is a single source logistics and warehousing operation in the heart of Bethel, Connecticut. They are an all-inclusive moving service and serve as a fulfillment center for a variety of products. After celebrating more than 110 years of service, it was time to save with more efficient lighting. Shepard’s Inc. handles bulk storage and e-commerce services, running operations for more than 2,700 hours a year. By moving on to LED tubes, they are now saving over 20,000 kWh per year for just one section of the building, and looking at longer lasting light for several years to come.

Paul’s Marble Depot – CT

Featured on Houzz, Paul’s Marble Depot based out of Stamford, CT, specializes in stone, tile and counter tops. With quality and sustainability in mind, Paul’s Marble looked to Big Shine Energy to illuminate their warehouse. By replacing 10 metal halide which consumed a total of 4,580W, they’ve reduced the electrical use of those lights to 1,100W by changing them to Big Shine Energy LED Probe high bays, leaving their footprint in reducing carbon emissions. Before After

Trocom Construction Corporation – NY

Trocom Construction based out of Maspeth, NY, took one step forward in reducing their carbon footprint by upgrading to high quality LED lighting with Big Shine Energy. Previously housing about 15 metal halide lights at about 1,080W per fixture, Trocom opted for 150W Big Shine LED Satellite HD high bays, reducing their consumption by 75%. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

South Shore Gunite Pools – MA

South Shore Gunite has been a proud part of the New England community for over 41 years, proudly serving the gunite pool and spa construction industry. More than 690 Big Shine LED light fixtures now illuminate South Shore’s 60,000 sf warehouse in Billerica, MA. They were in need of a light that was equally efficient as their work day that matched their large production. They switched out all 664 of their indoor T8 fluorescent tubes for Big Shine’s 18W LED tubes.They will see a difference of 33,310 kWh less in consumption every year. Once they realized how effective LED lighting is and the magnitude of their environmental and financial savings, making a total transition was an easy decision. The exterior lights were also replaced with Big Shine LED flood and wall pack lights. This change added an additional 10,296 kWh in annual savings. Environmental Impact 33,310 kw/h SAVED 25.8 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 4.9 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 22 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED This slideshow requires JavaScript.