Sports Arena

Ice House – NJ

Ice House of New Jersey has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lights from Big Shine Energy. Implementing 148 fixtures of Big Shine LED's 150W Satellite HD high bays with a 130 lm/W efficacy, their facility is now saving 97,236 kW/h. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $58,000 over a 5-year period. Ice House is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero.

Oak Lane Tennis Club – CT

Ready for a Challenge Tennis players and coaches alike appreciate great lighting over their courts. Even the natural sunlight can have an impact on a player’s performance in an outdoor match. The right lighting over an indoor court can be a tough challenge for club owners. Brian Inglis, majority owner of Oak Lane Tennis Club had been looking for the perfect lighting for years. LED had his attention, but he had not yet found a product with technology that was mature or specifically engineered to perform in tennis bubbles. Our Big Shine Energy consultant was ready to face the challenge of proving that we had the perfect lighting solution for Oak Lane Tennis Club. Metal Halides are the common light source of indoor courts and sports facilities. Oak Lane previously housed 39 metal halides, each burning at 1085 watts. The 40th fixture housed an LED corn bulb trying desperately to perform amongst its power-hungry peers. The message was clear, Oak Lane needed to see energy savings along with a significant improvement in lighting quality. Lighting competitors were suggesting industrial high bays with wattages almost equal to what the facility lights were currently running at the time. Additionally, the club faced a time restraint with the incentive offers available to them. Our consultant worked diligently alongside our internal operations team to get Oak Lane in the game quickly. Before the upgrade: Passing the Test Instead of using a high-watt industrial high bay, we opted to replace each of the 40 fixtures

21 Golf Driving Range – NJ

21 Golf is one of the Top 50 Stand-Alone Golf Ranges in the United States according to the Golf Ranges Association of America. When a lighting upgrade was required, they chose Big Shine Energy for the project. One key requirement was for the light to reach the 250-yard line in order for their customers to see their shots through the full course. Big Shine Energy had just the solution. Using Big Shine LED’s 500W Satellite HD fixture, Big Shine Energy was not only able to reach the end of the range but also keep the light within the property due to the low beam angle offered by the fixture. This DLC Premium 500W LED fixture reduced Golf 21’s energy consumption by 67%. This dramatic decrease in energy puts Golf 21 in line with Big Shine Energy’s climate goal to reduce carbon emissions. Golf 21 is now not only a brighter and more comfortable golf range for customers, but also a more energy conscious facility.