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Kennebec Equipment Rental Co. Inc.- ME

Kennebec Equipment Rental Upgrades Portland Location The Wilson family has operated Kennebec Equipment Rental in Maine for the past 50 years. The company has a long-standing positive reputation throughout the state of Maine. Their focus is service and consultation. Also being in the business of service and consultation, Big Shine Energy understood the importance of listening to the customer’s needs. Recently, Kennebec Equipment Rental decided to upgrade the lighting of their Portland location to provide a better working environment for their employees. The existing lighting was either failing or had already failed in some areas. It was difficult for the employees to work. In the spring and summer they could leave the bay door open for the natural daylight. However, winter in Maine would soon eliminate that option. A Safer Environment The Portland location needed brighter lighting with a wider beam angle over their loading bay. In addition, ample lighting was needed over all of their storage and shelving units as well as workshop areas. A Big Shine Energy Consultant was able to present an appropriate solution for year-round brighter lighting. For a clear, bright result, Big Shine Energy installed the Skylon high bay as well as 1×4 Panels with a cooler 5,000k color from Big Shine LED. The panels replaced 8ft T12 fixtures. The new fixtures are providing a visible and much desired long-lasting difference. Scientifically, the brain cannot tell the difference between LED lighting and natural daylight. Now, the employees at the Portland location of Kennebec Equipment Rental can work in

Connecticut Power – CT

For over 40 years, Connecticut Power and Sports has been a source of premium power sports equipment for Connecticut and surrounding areas. Their inventory includes names like John Deere, Yamaha and Suzuki – companies who are well known for both their reliability and vibrant exteriors. In order to bring these colors to life within the shop, the light output from the now aged fluorescent light simply wasn’t doing the showcase justice. Upgrading to LED lights was an easy decision, brighter color for a longer time. This is great news when coming from fluorescent tube lighting over to Big Shine LED Probe lights at 130 watts and new LED Panels at 40W and 53W. Connecticut Power and Sports is now saving over 40,000 kW a year in energy consumption, a step-in sustainability that will save them almost $7,000 a year in electric costs.

Marcella Appliances – NY

Since 1957, Marcella Appliances has been a reliable source of appliances for laundry, cooking, refrigeration and kitchen clean-up in Schenectady, NY. With the best names in home appliances on display, suitable lighting was necessary to highlight even the finest details of their best features. By replacing their old 160w fluorescent T8 tubes with Big Shine LED 50w panels, they reduced their energy consumption by 70%. For Marcella Appliances that meant paying only 1/3 of what they used to.