Recreational Facility

MatchPoint Tennis Complex – NY

Maintaining Success at MatchPoint Tennis MatchPoint Tennis Complex has four indoor courts at their Goshen, NY location in Orange County. The facility was built to provide professional training for tennis players at every level. Families and individuals alike have found quality tennis play at MatchPoint for years. However, having a great reputation wasn’t the only focus for MatchPoint’s owner.  Equally important, energy efficiency and a healthy atmosphere were key factors in maintaining success. Considering the Players First, the facility's lighting was dark and inefficient. Additionally, it housed 70 metal halides at 1,080W each. At an operation rate of 5,840 hours per year, MatchPoint was consuming 428,889kW annually. Conclusively, LED lighting was the solution for energy savings. Next, the challenge was properly lighting the courts while maintaining a comfortable level of brightness for the players. After listening to the concerns of the owner, our Big Shine Energy Consultant was able to determine the best solution. The facility's pitched roof offered enough height to install bright lighting without causing player discomfort from possible glare. 272 panels from Big Shine LED were installed. Furthermore, since LED lighting is perceived in the brain as natural light, the panels were designed to resemble skylights. Now, tennis enthusiasts can enjoy time on the court in next-to-natural lighting in any season due to the newly customized lighting layout. Game. Set. Match. Finally, MatchPoint reduced its energy use from lighting to an annual 139,225 kWh after installing Big Shine LED panels. Furthermore, MatchPoint was eligible for the Orange & Rockland Utilities incentive program by investing

Danbury Sports Dome – CT

As the largest domed multi-sport facility on the East Coast, Danbury Sports Dome has a reputation for preserving high standards in both safety and service. They recently upgraded their turf. Driven by conscientious choices, the dome is committed to inspiring respect for natural resources and seeks the most environmentally beneficial options for their facility. Switching to LED lighting was a decision long in the making. It was thought necessary but perhaps cost prohibitive going into their third season. Making the next move on a lighting upgrade would have to be a tactful decision.  At one point, the owners compared the LED lighting fixtures of five different companies thought most compatible for the 93ft high dome – with Big Shine coming out on top of the competition. “Basically, when we compared apples to apples, there was no comparison” said Frank Mariano, one of the managing directors of the Danbury Sports Dome when asked why they chose Big Shine Energy. Replacing more than 165 high bay fixtures with the 300W Satellite HD from Big Shine LED created significant savings. Frank noted a 30% price reduction in just the first 10 days after the installation. Cost had previously been a factor for concern, considering strategic budgets in the domes’ early season. Big Shine Energy worked from start to completion with Eversource Energy to ensure everything was in place for incentive approval. Big Shine Energy also assisted with finding the best financing option for the remainder of the project cost. Frank was especially pleased with the relationship

Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness – ME

Maine Pines Introduces LED Lighting Known for being one the Nation’s Top 50 Tennis Welcome Centers, Maine Pines has been serving the Brunswick community since 1974. It’s current owner, Rob Manter purchased the tennis facility in 1998. Since then, it has become a full service tennis and fitness club, helping families and individuals create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When Manter began making improvements to the facility, he realized that the existing lighting in the tennis center was fading fast. At the same time, the lighting was draining much of the electrical energy. This posed a problem for the players and the facility itself. Research by Manter concluded that LED lighting was the solution. However, choosing the right company for the job was the new challenge. When our Big Shine Energy Consultant was referred to Maine Pines, Manter presented him with several lists of questions. Our consultant was able to answer every question, while finding the best solution for the needs of the facility. Bright Lighting for A Positive Environment What the facility needed was brighter lighting on the courts that wasn’t intrusive for the players. Additionally, the rest of the facility space needed consistent and clear lighting. The facility features a 6 court tennis center, workout and spin rooms, pro shop, lobby and lounge areas and locker rooms. Peak hours could become quite hectic at the facility and installing all new lighting throughout the building without interrupting operating hours was important. Since Big Shine Energy is a turnkey solution

Strikeforce Sports – NY

Strikeforce Sports has replaced their inefficient lighting with LED from Big Shine Energy. Using the 100W Oriya and 18W LED tubes from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 26,819 kW/h per year. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $29,137 over a 5-year period. Strikeforce is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Environmental Impact 26,137 kw/h SAVED 20.2 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 3.9 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 17.4 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Champions Fitness Club – ME

A Fresh Start for Champions Champions Fitness Club has been a popular fitness facility and tennis center for the city of Waterville, Maine. For decades, families have been coming to Champions to improve their health and spend quality time together. In 2014, Champions was almost forced to close its doors for good due to high repair and maintenance costs. However, when its current owner bought the building, the popular fitness club was able to get a fresh start. Now, Champions Fitness Club owners are making improvements, one by one. Better and Brighter Champions chose to use Big Shine Energy as their energy savings provider. They already had LED lighting throughout their facility, except in one place- the tennis courts. Knowing the benefits of LED lighting, the building owners were ready to make the switch. Still, trying to find a suitable replacement for their metal halides proved to be a difficult task. Lighting companies were proposing fixtures that weren’t as bright. The ROI was too high. The energy savings weren’t worth the cost of replacing their existing lights. These were the concerns of the club owners and anyone could understand why. However, once Big Shine Energy came into the picture, that search was over. By using the TK1 300W from Big Shine LED, Champions players could play indoor tennis in next-to-natural lighting. Reaping the Benefits Their facility is now saving 94,200 kW/h per year. Over a five-year period, they will have saved $39,930 in energy costs from lighting. Big Shine Energy's

Total Tennis – NY

The Total Package Total Tennis really is the total package. They’re known as the Northeast’s only year round tennis camp, with more than 25 courts and 49 guest rooms. Surrounded by expansive scenic views of the Catskill Mountains, Total Tennis is a valuable gem to New Yorkers and tennis players everywhere. Not only can Total Tennis Director, Edward Fondiller, boast about the facility’s sound reputation, he has quite a few environmentally friendly innovations to highlight as well. Among many of Total Tennis’ dynamic initiatives, they’ve also instituted a recycling and composting system, organic farming and a solar field that produces 35% of their overall electricity. We were certainly excited to start working with Mr. Fondiller on adding another environmentally friendly initiative to their tennis courts. LED Lighting Made Easy Lighting conversions can often seem like an overwhelming process. We strive to make every project as seamless as possible. Our Turnkey Solution allowed us to ensure Mr. Fondiller’s concerns for the lighting quality were addressed. The metal halide fixtures were flickering and the overall lighting was lacking uniformity. After viewing our lighting at the Danbury Sports Dome, Mr. Fondiller was ready to begin the process of converting to LED lighting. Total Tennis' metal halide lights before upgrading to LED were flickering and lacked uniformity. Our Energy Consultant suggested replacing the 51 MH fixtures with our Big Shine LED TK1 high bays in 300W. This would give a clean look to the courts and provide next to natural lighting. Before the LED

Burbank Ice Arena – MA

Maintaining a Happy Family Environment Ice skating is a favorite pastime for many families. The cold indoor arenas seem warm after a few laps around the smooth icy rinks. At Burbank Ice Arena, families gather for quality fun. Kids and adults learn to skate, building their confidence on the ice. Ed Peduto, the General Manager is focused on maintaining a safe and happy environment for patrons of Burbank Ice Arena. Big Shine LED lighting is playing a part in keeping that commitment. The 2017 NEISMA Tradeshow created an opportunity for Mr. Peduto to be introduced to Big Shine Energy. Expressing his concerns, we learned that his arena was currently housing T12 and T5 fluorescent tubes. Instead of being able to focus on preparing and maintaining the ice, he was spending a considerable amount of time and overhead on maintaining the lights. Traditional arena lighting, such as fluorescent tubes, high-pressure sodium bulbs or metal halides can become more costly than convenient. Although it can play a complex role, lighting should be simple to operate and maintain. Our Big Shine Energy Consultant was prepared to provide a unique lighting solution that would offer brilliant results. “Before” shots of Burbank’s skate shop: “After” shots: Keeping It Simple Over the ice, we installed our Big Shine LED T5 tubes at a 5000k color temperature. This gave a bright, clean look to the rink. The flicker-free light is also much more comfortable for skaters. Over the bleachers, the Arcelia 40W fixture at a 5500k color

Pole Position – NY

Big Shine Energy had the privilege to retro-fit Pole Position Raceway’s lighting in Long Island NY. This facility which is approximately 75,000-sq feet, has one of the most exciting race tracks that Long Island has to offer. One Hundred and eighty T5 fluorescent fixtures were replaced with our Satellite HD LEDs. The light is now brighter and the savings are unbeatable. Our Satellite HD fixtures reach an astonishing 130 lumens per watt providing cleaner brighter and more efficient lighting. By retrofitting their lights to Big Shine LED’s, Pole Position is now able to save $26,614.13 a year reducing 55,736 KW per year. Big Shine Energy was able to achieve Pole Position’s ultimate goal of reducing their energy costs while also reducing their carbon footprint.