Print Shop

Linco Printing, Inc. – NY

Linco Printing has been providing printing services to New York City locals since 1975. In the center of a flourishing art community such as Long Island City, Linco is a trusted printing source in the art, music, film and photography world. Vivid colors and intricate print designs are brought to life with the proper lighting, switching to LED lighting was just the solution. For the past several years, Linco has been lighting their space with almost 100 T12 Fluorescent tubes ranging between 160 - 300W each, needless to say - it was time for a change. By making the switch to Big Shine's 70W LED panels, they're now reducing their energy consumption by an incredible 134,185 kW a year. This will allow the reputable printing company to save over $167,000 over the next 10 years, in lighting alone.

The Gazette Newspaper – NY

The Daily Gazette - formerly known as the Schenectady Gazette has been adapted and transformed according to the industry changes. As a private, family-owned company, The Daily Gazette has been delivering news to Schenectady, Saratoga, Fulton, Montgomery, Schoharie and Albany counties for over 120 years. A reliable news source needs reliable lighting to continue non-stop production. After replacing 40 metal halides at 458W with Big Shine LED Satellite HD's at 150W, the newspaper house is now shining at 120 lumens per watt. Conserving over 90,000 kW per year, the Daily Gazette's impact on our environment will be equivalent to removing 13 cars off the road, planting 59.9 acres of trees and removing 139,442 pounds of CO2 emissions from our planet. The Daily Gazette owner Henry Lind and his wife receive a green certificate from Big Shine Energy, recognizing their participation in the campaign to approach zero carbon emissions. Environmental Impact 90,000 kW/h SAVED 69.7 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 13 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 69.9 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED

Trinity Press – NJ

Trinity Press has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lights from Big Shine Energy. Implementing the 110W Probe Ultra and T5 LED Tubes from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 126,874 kW/h. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $104,574 over a 5-year period. Trinity Press is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Before After