Car Dealer

Beiner Audi – NY

Beiner Audi is the largest Audi dealership in the Northeastern United States, family operated since 1929. When it was time to revamp their exterior lighting, the dealership needed outdoor lighting as dependable as their long-time customer service.  The Big Shine LED Sidekick flood light was just the answer, using only 120W with an efficacy of 120 lumens/watt, it was the perfect light to show the vivid colors of the vehicles and maintain a safe lot throughout the night.

BMW of Bayside – NY

BMW of Bayside has replaced their lighting with LED from Big Shine Energy. Using the 150W Pyxis from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 18,450 kWh which is a $17,070 savings over a 5-year period. BMW of Bayside is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy. Environmental Impact 18,450 kw/h SAVED 14.3 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 2.7 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 12.3 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED

Platinum Volkswagen – NY

Platinum Volkswagen has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lighting from Big Shine Energy. Using the 150W Jupiter from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 12,141 kW/h per year. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $11,927 savings over a 5-year period. Platinum Volkswagen is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Environmental Impact 12,141 kw/h SAVED 9.4 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 1.8 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 8 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED

Ramsey Subaru – NJ

Ramsey Subaru in Ramsey, NJ decided to change their previous fluorescent lighting for LED lighting. Their goal was to highlight the colors and esthetics of their vehicles. However, they were faced with an undesirable result after a lighting retrofit was completed by a local competitor to Big Shine Energy. A solution was needed and Big Shine Energy was ready to help. Adding four Satellite HDs’ from Big Shine LED at 200W with 120 lumens per watt, the showroom instantly transformed. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

King O’Rourke Auto Group

King O’Rourke Becomes King of Efficiency It takes hard work and professionalism to build a reputation for customer satisfaction. With that ethic, the team at King O’Rourke Auto Group has been cultivating an award-winning brand for 35 years. As the largest Cadillac, Buick & GMC Dealer in Long Island, King O’Rourke was aware of the importance of energy efficiency. By using LED corn bulbs in their parking lots they were saving energy, but their lots were still dark. Big Shine Energy was able to provide a bright solution. Easier Isn’t Always Better In any parking lot, lighting is key in promoting safety and deterring theft. The owners at King O’Rourke tried using LED screw-in corn bulbs atop their parking lot poles, but the light output was simply too weak. While other lighting companies were suggesting a retrofit over the existing fixtures, our Big Shine Energy consultant proposed the Polaris 300w fixtures for their pole heads. Although retrofitting may have been simple, it would have led to the same problem as the corn bulbs: not enough light. By installing a new fixture, the light output could be customized to give their parking lot the brightness level needed to create a safer environment. Additionally, the building’s exterior walls have a unique finish with a diamond-like shimmer. With the previous lighting, that shimmer was unnoticeable. After seeing how great the lights turned out in the parking lot, King O’Rourke approved a second phase that would illuminate the building. They opted to install more Polaris

Moore Cadillac – VA

Moore Cadillac Chantilly has served the DC Metropolitan area for over 30 years, even constructing the largest Cadillac facility in the world. With proper lighting, their vast selection of luxury cars can still be seen and captivate customers even outside of business hours. Moore Cadillac partnered up with Big Shine Energy to improve their outdoor lights by installing Big Shine LED area lights. Over 52 lights originally illuminated the vehicles in the showcase lot, taking in 104,028 kWh per year. In replacement, the Big Shine LED area lights will only use about 30% of the former annual power consumption.

Quality Auto Mall – NJ

Over forty two Big Shine LED area lights now illuminate the hundreds of cars on showcase at Quality Auto Mall in Rutherford, NJ. Previously operating at 198,307 kWh per year, in exterior lights alone, they’ve reduced their consumption to 55,036 kWh from 198,307 kWh through a simple transition. The switch to Big Shine LED lighting fixtures is not only assisting in diminishing maintenance costs but is also helping them achieve a positive payback for the project in less than two years.