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LED Street Lighting

Transforming your city’s public spaces

Big Shine Energy street lighting reflects innovation

Drivers can tell when they’ve come to a city with smart leadership. It’s in the smoothness of the roads, the beauty of the landscaping and the brilliance of its street lighting. There’s always that stretch of highway that feels safer because of its “new lights”. Look closer. LED is what you’re seeing.

Bringing security to your streets, safety to your highways while giving confidence to your city’s public spaces is simple with the Big Shine LED Street Lighting Series. Big Shine LED luminaries transform road illumination from uneven and discolored to brilliant and uniform. Additionally, our products are solid state and use sustainable energy.

Street lighting designed to conserve energy

Municipal leaders are accountable for making environmentally conscious decisions while considering the current budget. Big Shine Energy has the capability to deliver sustainable lighting, dramatically reducing your city’s energy consumption. Adding definition and modern appeal while conserving energy has never been easier. We want to help you light your city’s road to a brighter future.

Big Shine LED street lighting products have tough aluminum housing and anti-corrosion coating. While being engineered to provide lasting performance as lightweight yet sturdy fixtures, our Street Lighting Series turns installation and retrofitting into a simple solution for your lighting upgrade.

We’re with you ’till the end

Big Shine Energy now offers poles for LED street lighting projects. Choose between steel and aluminum, round or square, tapered or straight poles. Find a wide variety of light poles and pole accessories tailored to suit your project needs.

Experts will analyze your installation site to determine the wind zone and any special requirements, in order to guide you in choosing the ideal pole for your project.

Light Poles

Consultation and Free Energy Audit

Whether you’re ready to start your project or just considering the benefits of LED lighting, we want to help you get the full perspective. Therefore, part of our ability to provide you with a customized lighting design comes from our consultation and free energy audit service. Our lighting consultants work hands-on to bring your vision to light. Find out more about our simple yet thorough process.

Questions? Call us at (845) 444-5255.

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