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LED Lighting Case Study |

The Cornfeld Group – FL

Finding the Right Product

As a family-owned real estate investment and management company, the Cornfeld Group has more than 40 years of experience in building lasting relationships in South Florida and the Southeast. Recently, the Cornfeld Group invested in a lighting upgrade from Big Shine Energy. Carib Villas, Cornfeld Group’s 701-unit residential property, and Boulevard Square, their busy commercial shopping center, underwent major lighting changes. These changes were greatly appreciated by residents, tenants and shoppers alike.  

The President of the Cornfeld Group, Jeffrey Cornfeld, had two goals. The first, find a replacement for the previously installed LED lighting at Carib Villas. The second, upgrade the appeal and safety of Boulevard Square.

Lighting quality is essential to a residential setting. Outdoor lighting should be bright enough for security purposes but soft enough to avoid light pollution. Although Carib Villas had LED lighting for one year, the light quality was already depreciating, leaving residents with dim, unsafe parking lot lighting. The property was using a combination of low-quality LEDs and metal halide wall packs. We installed our 150W Big Shine LED Hubble flood light which increased the foot candles in the parking lots without creating unnecessary, excess light.

Previously, some of the exterior fixtures were either dimmed, strobed, or completely burnt out. The tenants and residents strongly appreciated the new clean, even lighting throughout the entire exterior. 


Big Shine LED directional area lighting for building exteriors.

LED optics can prevent light from spilling into resident windows.

Big Shine LED residential area lighting for exterior walkways.

Walkways for residential properties should be brightly lit to provide safety and security.



Detail Oriented

While we were happy to bring beautiful lighting to Carib Villas, it was unfortunate that LED lighting had already been installed. Today, there are so many LED lighting companies. LED technology is so widely produced, that more often, companies trying to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting find themselves on the wrong end of the lighting bargain. Since the pre-existing fixtures at Carib Villas were made with low-end materials, they didn’t last more than a year before they began to fail. At Big Shine Energy, we take the quality of our products seriously. Our and our customers’ reputations mean everything to us. We love to educate our customers on how they can differentiate between high-end and low-grade products. Education is key to making sure our customers get the most out of their lighting upgrades. 

After the success of the project at Carib Villas, Cornfeld wanted to achieve the same quality of lighting in the commercial shopping center, Boulevard Square.

Boulevard Square

Boulevard Square with Big Shine LED lighting.

The directional lighting of LED helps businesses in the southeast comply with IDSA standards.

At Boulevard Square, the lighting needed to meet the International Dark Sky Association’s Requirements. This requires that all exterior fixtures must emit soft white light in order to prevent disturbance in neighboring wildlife habitats. We were careful not to provide any harsh lighting temperatures. Some businesses in the area were already facing problems due to an installation of overly bright LEDs with harsh color temperatures. Previously, the parking lots of the shopping area were using 1000W metal halides.

Our lighting specialist proposed changing the fixtures to the Big Shine LED Sagitta X area light with new pole mounts for a sleek look with better wind resistance and versatility. The original pole mounts had an extruded arm, mounted straight onto the pole, which limited the direction of light output. The new pole mounts were double and triple tenon adapters. Using this adapter style, we were able to add a slip fitter bracket which allows for easy angle adjustments.     

Finding the Right Solution 

“We had been looking into LEDs for a long time, and now we found the right product with a good price,” Cornfeld expressed.  

Now, the Cornfeld Group is seeing significant savings in energy costs. And they have clear, even lighting to show for it. Carib Villas is now saving 97,236 kW per year. And Boulevard square is saving 323,682 kWh annually. Both projects are part of our #ApproachingZero campaign to reduce carbon emissions throughout the United States. Since completing these projects, we’ve continued to install quality lighting at many more Cornfeld Group properties throughout the Miami area. The Cornfeld Group not only builds long-lasting business relationships, now they’re building a long-lasting environmental friendship. Find out just how much more the switch to quality LED lighting is doing for the environment.

Get in touch with us to find out how your company can start saving energy, saving on overhead, and eventually, save the world.  

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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