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LED Lighting Case Study |

Clarendon Flavors – KY

A Corporate Responsibility 

If you have a favorite beverage or juice drink, chances are, the flavor of that drink was brought to you by Clarendon Flavors. They serve over 200 customers with flavors in brands worldwide and have designed and developed a flavor library with thousands of different varieties of flavors that are used in beverages, foods, perfumes and other applications. 

Their 76,000 square foot production and warehouse facility supports their growing customer demands. A large facility like that has the potential to make a large-scale environmental impact. Ben Jones, the Director of Facility Maintenance recognized the corporate responsibility Clarendon Flavors had to reduce carbon emissions and conserve energy. 

Improving the Workplace 

Not only is LED lighting helpful for the environment, but it also creates a safer and more comfortable environment for workers. Lighting has an overall effect on physical and mental health. It’s important for any operation to consider the health and safety of their employees. This is exactly what Mr. Jones had in mind when considering the right lighting company for their lighting upgrade.  

Previously, the Clarendon Flavors facility housed 1080w metal halide fixtures, creating dark, spotty lighting. While some areas of the floor were brightly lit, others were dark which made work difficult for lift operators. The plan for improvement was to even the lighting spread by choosing a beam angle wide enough to cover the floor plane and increase the footcandle levels to create a brighter workspace. We used our Big Shine LED TK1 high bay in 300w and 120° beam angle. The TK1 is a great solution for large warehouse and production facilities because of its precise lighting distribution.  

Before and After

Save Energy, Save the World

Now, Clarendon Flavors is saving more than $5,000 annually and will save more than $27,000 over the next five years. By switching to LED, they’re also taking part in the Big Shine Energy #ApproachingZero campaign. The more companies that switch to LED, the smaller the carbon footprint of the United States becomes. We’re on track toward reaching our carbon reduction goals. Let Big Shine Energy find an energy savings solution for you.

Check out even more stats below to see how much switching to LED’s can really benefit the environment and call us to get started on your facility’s lighting upgrade.  

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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