Big Shine Energy

What is the real lifespan of LED fixtures?

As LED technology becomes more popular, everyone knows that LED lights are more energy efficient and have a longer lifetime than traditional lighting. You might have come across lighting companies offering you LED fixtures promising that they last 360,000 hours. Meanwhile, Big Shine Energy is offering you LED fixtures that last 50,000 hours. Why the difference?

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The Fast Track to Savings

Big Shine Energy is now a Prime Efficiency Partner in the Fast Track program for PSEG Long Island A Prime Efficiency Partner in the PSEG Long Island Commercial Efficiency Program (CEP) is a Lighting/HVAC/Energy Efficiency professional, installation contractor and distributor who is knowledgeable of PSEG Long Island standards and processes....

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Big Shine Energy honors President Container Group

Energy conservation company Big Shine Energy retrofitted over 5,000 T5 tubes for President Container Group while securing 89,500 dollars in rebate incentives from Orange and Rockland. “One of the great supporting factors in this initiative was the help from Orange County Partnership”, said Eduard Rodriguez, Executive Director at Big Shine Energy.

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