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Big Shine Energy’s Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium

In Business, Technology | February 6, 2019

Making the switch to more energy-efficient products and equipment in your facility not only helps you achieve energy and budget savings in your building, but it also allows you to have environmental peace of mind for making that sustainable decision.

That is why Big Shine Energy is hosting the Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium at the Westin Grand Central Hotel in New York City on February 22, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This event gives attendees an exclusive opportunity to network, learn about incentives for their own facilities, and personally meet the team that helps make it all happen.

 Featured Keynote Speakers

Arman Hamamjian, Business Development Manager from Con Edison, will expound on the exciting new program changes for this year and how businesses in the five boroughs and Westchester County can take advantage of incentive and rebate opportunities.

August Kruesi, Big Shine Energy Chief Technology Officer & Vice President will introduce the latest Big Shine LED fixture releases and illustrate the importance of LED quality to get the most out of your lighting incentives.

Eduard Rodriguez, Big Shine Energy Executive Director will explain about Big Shine Energy’s Turnkey Solution, which includes services specifically for incentives, rebates and grants.


Another Great Benefit

Attendees will get the chance to sit with the Con Edison representative to answer any questions and determine pre-qualifications on the spot.

There will also be hands-on photometric demonstrations
—a great way to see how Big Shine experts craft customizable three-dimensional lighting simulations of customers’ facilities to ensure all lighting level requirements are met.

The CTO Consultation booth with Mr. Kruesi will have demonstrations of Big Shine LED products and their inner components. Additionally, visitors can candidly discuss and ask questions about LED technology.

Guests will have the opportunity to talk with Mr. Rodriguez about Big Shine’s national Turnkey Solution capabilities and how they can benefit environmentally and financially from the convenience of this service when considering lighting upgrades at their facilities.

The LED Lighting Symposium is a great way for business representatives to get questions answered, become knowledgeable on incentives and LED quality, and get acquainted with Big Shine and Con Edison so that you can leave being confident in your decisions moving forward as you consider making the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Lunch will be served, and each participant will receive giveaways as an appreciation for attending the symposium.

Beyond Just Incentives

Big Shine launched the #ApproachingZero campaign as part of our corporate responsibility model. By developing a turnkey solution with an incentives department focused specifically on obtaining incentives for our customers, we are always thinking of ways to help you make the right decisions for the wellbeing of your work environment while also helping the global environment.

Learn more about incentives by reading The Benefits of Incentive Program for Businesses.

Read about our LED Symposium hosted in Kentucky with Duke Energy.

If you are interested in attending or have more questions about Big Shine Energy’s Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium, please send your inquiries to marketing@bigshineenergy.com.

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