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Nature is an incredibly complex system, yet it has functioned without our intervention for centuries. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have greatly impacted the earth, raising the global temperature by two degrees. This small increase in temperature has caused incredible disasters throughout the world. Countries which have had little to no contribution to the increase of carbon emissions have been impacted in the worst way. In fact, natural disasters have been reported more frequently since the beginning of the 20th century. Reducing our carbon footprint can bring a positive impact on our environment.
Reaching a net zero carbon footprint is a global goal established between various international parties concerned about our future. This reality is possible by taking real climate action to keep the average global temperature well below two degrees. However, our global industrial–based economy will not simply allow for “turning off the switch,” so- Zero must be approached. As new technologies continue to emerge, they are implemented into various sectors to improve our approach to zero. Big Shine Energy has joined the global movement to reduce carbon emission by taking immediate action.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting represents the largest source of electricity consumption for commercial buildings. Using more efficient lighting sources can directly impact the energy consumption throughout the country and reduce our national carbon footprint. Big Shine Energy works directly with business owners to raise awareness on the importance of becoming more environmentally-conscious by converting to energy-efficient lighting sources, such as LED.