Warehouse Applications

Wrobel Engineering – MA

Wrobel Engineering is Promoting Positivity The offices at Wrobel Engineering housed fluorescent fixtures that gave off a dim, yellow light. Fluorescents used to be known for their energy efficiency. They’re now proving to have high maintenance costs. They also produce a constant flicker that can be invisible to the naked...

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Kawasaki Rail Car – NY

Over 100 Years of Enrichment Kawasaki is famously known in the United States for their fast motorcycles and their amazing competitive Motocross racing team, Team Green. Motorcycles aren’t their only area of expertise. Established in 1896, they have 120 years of innovation, achievement and progress in their portfolio. Specifically, Kawasaki...

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Kennebec Equipment Rental Co. Inc.- ME

Kennebec Equipment Rental Upgrades Portland Location The Wilson family has operated Kennebec Equipment Rental in Maine for the past 50 years. The company has a long-standing positive reputation throughout the state of Maine. Their focus is service and consultation. Also being in the business of service and consultation, Big Shine Energy...

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