2019 Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero Event

In Business, News, News Section | February 5, 2019

Big Shine Energy accomplished its goal of saving 45 million kWh since launching its #ApproachingZero campaign in 2015. This marked an important milestone in the company’s efforts to reach zero carbon emissions. Big Shine gives great recognition to its customers for allowing this goal to be achievable and attained.

Big Shine Energy accomplished its #ApproachingZero goal in 2018.

Appreciative of our U.S.-based customers who helped us come this far, we hosted the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero (SAAZ) 2019 event where local, national and international corporations came together with likeminded goals and missions to help cultivate a more sustainable environment through energy-efficient technology for our future generations. Every participant in SAAZ 2019—existing and future customers, special guests, and attendees—played a significant role in our #ApproachingZero campaign.
This year’s SAAZ event welcomed 100 participants, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to landmark local businesses. Ten top energy-savers were selected and awarded for their contribution to the campaign.

Ten top energy-saving companies received custom crystal awards at the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event.

Marvin Glass delivers a speech after receiving an award on behalf of AUTOMANN at the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event.

Stephen Nisbett, Harlem Children’s Zone Director of Facilities takes a photo with Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez at the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event after receiving an award for his sustainability contributions.

The event was packed with a full agenda. Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. Founder and CEO Daniel Lee opened the event with words of thanks and a special Big Shine corporate responsibility video.

“Today, we celebrate all of you for helping make an environmental difference and being great partners, as we tackle the world’s carbon emissions through energy-efficient, engineered LED lighting solutions,” said Mr. Lee.

Attendees had a chance to listen to Big Shine Chief Technology Officer and Big Shine Energy Executive Director as they touched on topics about LED technology and Big Shine Energy’s unique turnkey solution. Special guest speaker Jeremy Scott from Orange and Rockland spoke about the new 2019 incentives program and goals. Orange and Rockland, together with Big Shine Energy, even presented Grand Prize Auto with a Big Check for receiving a substantial amount of incentives from O&R by switching to Big Shine LED fixtures.


Big Shine CTO & VP August Kruesi speaks to the crowd about the impact of LED lighting technology in this generation.

August Kruesi, Big Shine CTO explains about the company’s GSA accreditation, which allows Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. to sell directly to government agencies.

Big Shine Energy Executive Director, Eduard Rodriguez speaks about Big Shine’s complete turnkey solution.

Jeremy Scott, Program Administrator at Orange & Rockland presents the 2019 incentive programs updates and benefits for residents and businesses at the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event.

Tracy Mifsud and Marla Bradstock receive an award on behalf of Avis Budget Group for reducing its energy consumption by switching to LED lighting.


“And through their professionalism and their proposal, we went forward with the job,” said Tracy Mifsud, SAAZ awardee and Avis Budget Group Senior Procurement Manager. “They did beautiful work and we’re really pleased and we’re happy to be part of their mission in sustainability.”


Property Manager, Lori Libby receives an award on behalf of CBRE for the company’s sustainable decision and contribution to reducing carbon emissions through LED lighting.

Stephen Nisbett, Director of Facilities at Harlem Children’s Zone, delivers a speech after receiving a Sustainability Award from Big Shine Energy for participating in the #AppraochingZero campaign and reducing energy emissions.

Nachi Operations Manager Kevin Dhonau and Electrical Engineer and Facility Superintendent Rodney Williamson, accept an award at the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event for their contribution to the campaign by switching to LED lighting at their Indiana facility.

The event was accompanied with a gourmet lunch and allotted time for networking. Each guest received complimentary gifts—top-energy savers received personalized awards and all others received engraved crystal keepsakes.

Each attendee walked away with an engraved Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero keepsake.

Guests enjoyed a gourmet lunch at the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event.

There were turnkey solution stations set up around the space; guests had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Big Shine CTO and other Big Shine representatives the Photometric and Incentive Departments. The event concluded with a raffle, where four lucky winners walked away with top-of-the-line iRobot Roombas and Array Solar Backpacks.

Big Shine Energy’s turnkey solution booths aligned the back of the venue for live demos and one-on-one consultations.

Two Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero attendees walked away with a Valor Solar Backpack.

Big Shine Energy raffled off two iRobot Roomba vacuums as a special bonus to conclude the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero program.

Guests received giveaways at the end of the Sustainability Awards #ApproachingZero event.

Big Shine brought together amazing companies and organizations to celebrate great accomplishments in helping the world through energy-efficient solutions. Everyone’s participation truly makes a difference and inspired us to set our new 2019 goal:

110 million kWh saved—equivalent to 85,745 tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere!

We hope to see you at next year’s SAAZ event. Thank you for being a hero!


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